Hi and welcome to my online gallery!  It is a pleasure to have you viewing my artwork.  This has been a labor of love.  Although showing my work to world is not easy for me to do, I think the experience will be freeing.  

There are a few people who need to be thanked for making this possible.   First, my loving sister, Joanne, who has been supportive of this effort from the first painting.  She remains steadfast and true, always encouraging me to move forward, even when I am not ready.  But, having someone's hand on your back pushing you is the best thing.    

My beloved parents, Doris and Joseph.  Although their world did not see art as a profession, their words of empowerment are with me always, "You can do anything"!

Susan, my art instructor, who continues to push me out of my comfort zone.  I've never been disappointed.  There is no fear in the art room and happy things happen who you least expect it. 

My dear friend, Alessandra Critelli, who worked hard to capture each piece of art in photography.  Thank you!  Sandra is a wildlife photographer whose photos of animals are beautiful.  

Finally, my friend Dave, for capturing Romeo as I see him.  The drawing says it all, "Please leave me alone"!   

Thank you to everyone in my painting class who add so much to each experience.  

I look forward to adding new work regularly.  Each personal experience I have brings a new idea and perspective to my work.