Lisa Sepetjian was born and currently resides in northern New Jersey.  She graduated from Montclair State University, and has had a career in financial services as a Key Account Manager, with a focus in small business lending.   

Lisa began studying oil painting in 2006 and soon started working with other mediums and natural elements.  Some of her current work incorporates sand, wax and acrylic mediums.  She is particularly drawn to the energy and peace of the ocean, especially in the morning when the sun is glistening on the water.  

 "I am drawn to the beauty of nature - to capture the subtle light changes and shades of color of a beautiful place or scene.  I am particularly inspired by the sea and tranquility of the beach in the early morning.  My goal is to show texture and depth in my work in order to make the subject come alive.  Using different mediums to create texture and experimenting with a combination of mediums is a great thrill.  I enjoy the process of creating something from a feeling.  It is a meditative journey that brings out what one is feeling at that moment.  There is beauty everywhere; capturing it is the challenge".